Be a Faucet, Not a Drain

Living day to day in a world that seems to be falling apart it is easy to get caught up in the negative thoughts surrounding each situation in one’s life. I know I tend to be a negative Nancy over the simplest of things, so I’ve decided to remind myself of the following:

Be a faucet, not a drain.

It’s that simple. I just have to make a conscious decision daily to chose to be positive. For me, that comes in the form of my trust in Christ. When I can take my cares and concerns to Him in the form of prayer, all of my worries don’t vanish, but I am better prepared to handle what the world will throw my way.

What can you do to share a more positive outlook with those around you?

And remember…
Don’t be a drain.


I Need the Light to Live

I shouted in the darkness.
A whisper carried a word of response,
“Move forward.”
I shouted in the darkness.
The whisper did not come.
Moving forward, my soul was willing,
my flesh was weak.
I shouted in the darkness.
Goosebumps ran up and down my arms.
A voice called me.
I walked in the darkness.
Crushing glass beneath my feet,
becoming sand.
I ran in the darkness.
The light was faint in the distance.
I paused in the darkness.
Looking forward in awe, I felt love.
I walked out of the darkness.
The light enveloping me.
I stayed in the light – forever.

by @brittwillwrite

A Life Graced with Transitions

My life has transitioned several times in the past 10 years and I find myself looking over the past decade as if I’m closing a chapter in my life. I must admit, I hate transitions. They aren’t usually pleasant and often leave me with more questions than answers — What comes next? Will I except this job or that job? Will I ever get married? Will I move somewhere new in the country?

For awhile, I felt lost. After high school, I found myself drowning in uncertainty, mixed with feelings of leftover teenage angst, anger and a mild form of depression. I knew in that moment, at the age of 18, that my life – that transition – wasn’t going to be great; however what I didn’t know was how crucial it would be.

More to come…