Handlettering Hobby to Big Business Idea

Obviously, as a child, we’re all taught how to read and write. Well, I wasn’t so keen on learning to read, but I loved writing and drawing. I was always a strange, imaginative child with wild stories and fun tales. There was no stopping me once I learned to write all of those crazy stories down! I became a mini illustrator and author to my own ideas and I would adorn my bedroom with drawings of my latest work.


Like with all things, I grew up and lost my fervor for being wildly creative. Somewhere along the way, while growing up, someone told me to stop being the way I was and shamed me for who God intended me to be — this wild, charismatic, quick-witted, imaginative person. And I must have listened, because I stopped being all of those things and I stopped being me.

A church friend holding a handlettering piece I did for her.

It’s only now, just one year shy of being 30, that I have begun to rediscover ME.

Part of this rediscovery portion of my life, is getting back into things I love — like handlettering. Using anything from a brush to a calligraphy pen, I appreciate the ease of each pen stroke coming together to form multiple letters to make one word.


Handlettering is a soothing hobby I’ve come to admire.

I began a journey about a year ago in handlettering. I started out with the #30daybiblelettering challenge on Instagram. In the beginning of the challenge, I was perplexed. I couldn’t get my projects to turn out clear and artistic. It ended up looking like a four year-old drew my work! Really, I was relearning an old hobby that I had put away many years ago — it was time to retrain myself and learn it all over again. So slowly, over time, I got better and better at the challenge. By the 20th day I was in love with handlettering. I found myself sharing my ideas, following other handlettering gurus on Instagram and finding myself. I found ultimate joy in what I was learning to do.20161203_122554

I began getting feedback from my photos I shared on social media and started to wonder, “Could there be a business idea here?” I thought my dream of building a business based on handlettering was odd, but I don’t think that anymore. It is now my goal to do something with this talent I’m building, God willing.

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Writing to Be a Writer

There’s an old saying “always a bridesmaid, but never a bride”, well I have always felt the same way about being a writer — like I was writing, but never a writer.

Odd, I know.

I’ve been unsure for the past few years about my writing capabilities, but I stuck to it and God has blessed my ability to endure through this annealing process. I’ve been stretched beyond what I thought was possible for me as a writer and I can’t wait for the road ahead.

Tonight, I was published in the bilingual magazine El Palo.

For certain, I’ve learned that there is no certainty in writing. Meaning, that the path as a writer can be an ardent journey filled with turbulence mixed with a bit of extraordinary moments that lead to new and exciting opportunities.

For those that are writing and for those that may write in the future –don’t quit. Keep progressing in your discipline and learn as much as you can.

One day we may even get to read your words…

…how extraordinary that would be.


I Need the Light to Live

I shouted in the darkness.
A whisper carried a word of response,
“Move forward.”
I shouted in the darkness.
The whisper did not come.
Moving forward, my soul was willing,
my flesh was weak.
I shouted in the darkness.
Goosebumps ran up and down my arms.
A voice called me.
I walked in the darkness.
Crushing glass beneath my feet,
becoming sand.
I ran in the darkness.
The light was faint in the distance.
I paused in the darkness.
Looking forward in awe, I felt love.
I walked out of the darkness.
The light enveloping me.
I stayed in the light – forever.

by @brittwillwrite

Who is @brittwillwrite?

Life’s interesting – isn’t it? It’s dynamic and unknowing at times, which can be thrilling for some and scary for others. Myself? Well I’m somewhere in between. I sometimes find my life maddening, while at other times life provides surprises that hold wonderful blessings.

Who is @brittwillwrite? Well, I’m human. I’m a believer in Christ. I love people. I love writing. But those are only facts that skim the surface of who I am…

…this blog is my voice. It’s me amplified on the computer screen and my hope is that my writing will help others that are feeling uncertain in this busy world.

Catch ya on the flip side,